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Different Types Of Incense Quality

So what truly is the difference between the types incense we all use?  Three types come to mind.  Hand rolled, hand dipped, and punk.  How can you tell them apart?  Is it possible?  What's the big deal?  This page is to give you a little insight on what each type is.  We'll start with the most common type that almost everyone has ever used when it comes to incense - punk.


Punks are very common, so much so that you can purchase them almost everywhere (even your local convenience store).  They tend to be brightly painted, although there have been some instances where some that look very much like Hand-Dipped.  Punk sticks are larger and usually uniform in size.  In most cases, the scent is sprayed onto the sticks or cones with toxic, chemical substances.  When the incense is made this way, they tend to burn out very quickly compared to other types.  They are not suitable for aromatherapy, even though many have claimed they are used for that purpose.  The scent quality of punk tends to be much lower than the other types of incense.  Most of the time, you can purchase this type in massive, cheap quantities.


Hand-dipped is very similar to Punks except that the incense is of a much higher quality.  Instead of having the perfume sprayed on with toxic substances, they are dipped into an oil base perfume.  The incense itself is never colored, however, the bottom of the sticks may be colored to determine which scent is which on a color chart. They have a much fresher look, feel and smell to them.  Lighter fluid is not used, so they burn clean.  They also tend to burn a lot longer than Punks.  You can try some of our hand-dipped incense and see the quality for yourself.


Hand-rolled are almost always 100% natural and often imported.  It is made entirely of resins and natural ingredients with nothing synthetic and held together with a natural glue onto very thin, irregular sticks of a fragrant wood.  You can easily detect a hand-rolled incense by the unevenness of the resin on the sticks themselves.  Some say that this is a much better quality than all the other types.  This type is widely considered a "traditional" incense. It can be likened to the incense that has burned for centuries in temples or in ceremonies by a wide variety of people and religions.   The fragrance is very different than oil-dipped.  If you wish to experience this type, you could purchase some of our pre-packaged imported incense sticks.  Nag Champa is the scent that is most traditional of the natural incense we offer.